Tomorrow we will start the election campaign- Vij

Tomorrow we will start the election campaign- Vij
Chandigarh, April 15 - Former Home Minister of Haryana Sh. Anil Vij said, "I will campaign only in my assembly constituency this time and work to make the lotus (Kamal) bloom from here because I have understood what has happened to me now, so I will now stay here."

Sh. Vij answered questions asked by the media and when asked if he would go for duty outside if there is a campaign, Sh. Vij said that now I understand what has happened to me and I will stay here.

It is noteworthy that Anil Vij, former Home Minister of Haryana, who is also known as Haryana's Gabbar, has not taken any position in the ministry in Haryana since the change of cabinet, including the Chief Minister, and he is engaged in completing development works in his constituency in a very peaceful manner. It is remarkable that every time former Home Minister of Haryana Anil Vij, who won many leaders in election campaigns, will now campaign only in his assembly constituency and make the lotus (Kamal) bloom in his assembly.

"Mamata Banerjee wears glasses upside down, so she should get her glasses fixed." - Vij

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said in a statement that the BJP has given tickets to demons and dacoits, countering this, Sh. Vij said, "Mamata Banerjee sees everything in reverse, truth appears as falsehood to her and falsehood appears as truth, good appears as bad and bad appears as good." Asking questions, he said, "Does not she see her own people, why does not she see the violence in Sandeshkhali, in which beats up the ED team by her people?" Sh. Vij said that she (Mamata Banerjee) wears glasses upside down, so she should get her glasses fixed.

"The public has wise, the public has seen the rule of all parties." - Vij

During election campaigning, Congress former president Rahul Gandhi said that unemployment is the biggest issue in the country and we will eradicate poverty from the country in one stroke, Sh. Vij sarcastically said, "Those who could not do it in the first 70 years, how will they do it now? The public is wise, the public has seen the rule of all parties." Vij gave an example, saying, "The public even buys salt in the market by seeing which company it is from. He said that voting is for the future, the public sees what their previous character was, and the public believes by seeing the previous character." Sh. Vij mocked and said, "Rahul Gandhi is in misunderstanding, the public is waiting for the elections." Rahul Gandhi was seen buying sweets from a sweet shop, even on this, Vij mocked and said, "Rahul Gandhi's political game has failed, that's why he sometimes does something and sometimes something else. He knows that after June 4, he will do something or sell sweets or do something else."

"The promises that the Prime Minister did not even make, he has fulfilled them too." - Vij

Congress National President Mallikarjun Kharge challenged Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying that Modi should take an oath and tell whether he has fulfilled his promises, to which Vij said, "All this is in front of the people, those promises that were not even made, have been fulfilled." He reminded that former Prime Minister of the Congress party Rajiv Gandhi had said that if we send 100 paisa then only 15 paisa reaches the people because the system eats up the rest 85 paisa. Vij said that Modi ji fixed that system. Now if we send 100 rupees in someone's account, then 100 goes, not 99. Vij said that we gave free cylinders to so many people, did not you (Congress) have cylinders in your rule, you (Congress) could have also given but then you did not see the poor.

"Congress still could not form an organization" - Vij

Congress has not yet released the list of Lok Sabha candidates. On this, Vij sarcastically said that the party (Congress) still could not form an organization, and whoever could not form an organization. Therefore, whatever the agency says, they have to go according to it, as it happens, it has to happen as there is equality. In relation to the question asked about Birender Singh joining the Congress, he said that some migratory birds live in the air according to the weather and when the weather changes, they fly away. Birender Singh is one such migratory bird.

"Tomorrow we will start the election campaign" - Vij

In response to questions about the Lok Sabha elections, he said, "I have maintained control over my assembly and I have held a big meeting with my workers. Similarly, we have formed a 31-member election committee and also formed an 11-member committee that will meet daily and maintain contact with the candidate." He said that today there is also a big meeting and tomorrow we will start the election campaign in a way where the candidate will also be invited. Under this, we will go out to urge people from the main markets.


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