BJP will win 10 Lok Sabha seats in the upcoming elections in Haryana - Vij


Chandigarh, January 31 - Haryana Home Minister Sh. Anil Vij said that the Bhartiya Janta Party will win 10 Lok Sabha seats in the upcoming elections. He stated, "Our soldiers (BJP workers) always stay in the field and never go into barrack."

Sh. Vij responded to questions asked by the media persons regarding the opening of offices for the Lok Sabha elections. He mentioned that the Bharatiya Janata Party is fully prepared for the Lok Sabha elections, and offices were inaugurated for the 10 Lok Sabha elections in the state. He emphasized that our workers are always ready for the necessary preparations.

Every person in the state feels safe – Vij

In response to a question about the statement of opposition leader Bhupinder Singh Hooda that the BJP-JJP government has made Haryana the crime capital, Sh. Vij stated, "Since the ED (Enforcement Directorate) started calling Hooda Sahab, he has become very nervous, and without facts, he issues baseless statements." Sh. Vij added that today every person in the state feels safe, and if there is any small incident, the police catch the criminals and take action against them.

People of AAP party do not know how to cast votes themselves – Vij

Regarding the mayoral elections in Chandigarh and the statement made by Kejriwal, Sh. Vij questioned the right of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) to ask for votes when their own party members do not know how to cast votes. He commented, "Your (AAP's) people do not know how to cast votes, so what right do you have to ask for others' votes when you cannot cast your own? Because your (AAP's) votes were invalidated."

Vij's sarcastic comment 'Angoor Khatte Hain' on Rahul Gandhi's statement

In response to Rahul Gandhi's statement that we do not need Nitish, Sh. Vij sarcastically remarked, "Angoor Khatte Hain." He said, "Rahul Gandhi was praising Nitish till yesterday, and now that Nitish has returned to the NDA (National Democratic Alliance), he is saying that we do not need Nitish." Sh. Vij added, "Rahul Gandhi does not stick to one thought, and he does not remember what he said yesterday. He is more focused on putting coal in the stove to make tea.


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