Mr Perfect having roaring fifty days

Mr. Perfect is a romantic comedy film made in Telugu. The film is directed by Dasaradh, produced by Dil Raju and scripted by Abburi Ravi. Mural Mohan, Prakash Rai, K. Viswawnath are some of the actors who played vital roles in this film.

The story of the film goes like this. Vicky the protagonist of the film believes in retention of one’s individuality even when one is locked in a strong and intimate relationship. Priya played by Kajal Agarwwal, is Vicky’s childhood friend. They are in strong love for each other. However Priya Is willing to sacrifice her comforts of lifestyle for Vicky which he cannot accept ideologically. With the bend of the story comes Maggy who nurtures the same ideology as Vicky and Vicky falls in love with her. The story goes on and Vicky slowly realizes that sacrifice and adjustment are essential parts of good relationship.

The film has caught the fantasy of the film buffs. It has successfully run for fifty days in one hundred and thirty centers. The movie is screened under Sri Venkateswara banner. The lilting music by Devisri Prasad has been widely appreciated by the audience. According to Dil Raju the producer the movie is an outcome of two years of rigorous work by the whole film unit.

Eleven police personnel and 3 doctors suspended in relation to the UP girl murder case

The world now is going through a diabolic era where the protector plays the reverse role of a destroyer. This was exactly what happened in Uttar Pradesh where a fourteen year old girl was found dangling from a tree inside the campus of the police station. It is at Nighasan in Lakhimpur Kheri district. Eleven policemen has been suspended along with three doctors. A constable has been taken under custody. The incident caused a nationwide furor.

The three doctors namely A.K. Agarwal, A.K. Sharma and S.P.Singh have been accused of catering the postmortem report in order to save the culprits. While the initial post mortem report showed the cause of death to he Asphyxiation or death due to chocking the later conducted post mortem report by a team of doctors from Lucknow revealed the cause of death to be strangulation. The doctors have also noted that since the hymen was found in an intact condition the minor has supposedly not been raped before the murder.

The Government has given the transfer order to the Superintendent of Police MR. D.K. Rai and the Mayawati Government has ordered an enquiry into such a nefarious incident.

The Congress has demanded CBI enquiry of the case.

Ramdev released from the hospital

Baba Ramdev the yoga teacher and the self proclaimed savior of Indian prestige and wealth went on a hunger strike or “Satyagraha” on 4th June 15, 2011 at the Ramlila Maidan. Present at the venue were sixty five thousand followers of his. The issue of such a demonstration was a protest against corruption and black money that are illegally reserved in the Foreign Banks. The high profile Government officials including Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee tried to abstain him but to no effect. Finally the Government took the help of police force which evicted the demonstrators under lot of chaos and hullabaloo. Ramdev was also arrested and later released.

The angry spiritual leader went on a fast in protest. His condition deteriorated after few days and he was removed to the Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences or Jolly Grant hospital situated in Dehradoon on Friday. Although administered with saline drip the yoga guru refused to be fed orally. After nine days however to the relief of his disciples and well wishers Baba Ramdev broke his fast being ardently persuaded by a bevy of spiritual gurus including Sri Ravi Shankar.

Ramdev has however announced that his campaign against corruption and mal practices will continue until India is revived to her past halcyon days of glory and wealth.

Amala Paul- High Profile Lady with Charismatic Elegance

Amala Paul is still a student and she studies in St. Teresa College in Kochi. However within short lifespan, she has showcased her talent and razor sharp acting. She has participated into a number of movies which have been released in South India and Bollywood. Amala Paul is a cute and high profile lady with elegant lifestyle.

Recently, her exposure in Indian Rupee directed by Prithviraj will be strongly palpable. This movie is under process. The producer Ranjith has told reporters that this is the movie which will surely win the million hearts due to massive contribution of Amla Paul who has already proved her talent in a number of movies. Her performance track record is really eye catching. Her envious beauty and sexy image will add extra gloss to the movie.

Shahbaz Aman has been empowered to compose music for this movie. India Rupee will be screened in different states. However there is no information whether this movie will be released in different versions to captures film industry. Ernakulam has been enriched once again as Amala Paul, a 19 year courageous lady, saw the first daylight in this village to welcome new sunny days with lot of expectation. Hats off to Amala Paul and let her gambol in the lawn to befriend butterflies and deep red roses. Her natural frivolity, charismatic rosy face which has been made more romantic due to the half sunken eyes are valuable resources for which she feels proud.

Allu Arjun’s Badrinath –Based on Religious Sentiments

Allu Arjun has achieved massive success. He has maxed out to reach the topmost point in the film industry. Success has not come to him overnight. The more the merrier. Badrinath is the source of fame, money and recognition. Badrinath is a fantastic story which is packed with thrills, religious sentiments, suspense and romantic glamour. Better to say, this story has offered spicy stuff to viewers for enjoying weekends with family members and friends.

Badrinath is the latest movie which has earned huge bucks after the introduction to the movie lovers. The first day collection after the release of this movie has been estimated as 7.52 crore rupees. Second day collection is also good. On the other hand, there are a number of zones which have screened this movie for success. Producer has invested nearly 41 crore rupees to make this film. Within 24 hours, Badrinath has been screened in over 5600 movie halls.

The synopsis of the Badrinath movie is based on Hindu god Lord Vishnu. Badrinath has been reared up by Guru Bhishma Narayan with the sole purpose of protecting the temple of Lord Vishnu. In between the advent of Alaka Nanda is a turning point as she is a sort of agnostic who has doubt about the presence of supernatural spirit. However, it is Badrinath who has rebuilt tectonic of her ultra modern fantasies by incising her disbelieves and confusion using the pyrotechnique of words. He is a man of excellence with clarity in religious mindsets. Allu Arjun cast the role of Badrinath.

‘Filmstar’ to Be Released on 24th June

Dileep loves movie and in return it has backfired lot of accolades, appreciation and awards to him. His involvement with the film industry is long and his latest films like Filmstar will be released soon. However, especially, Filmstar is such a movie which has lost many dates for premiere. After long discussion and meeting, Dileep has decided to premiere the movie Filmstar very soon. The film director named Sanjeevraj has directed this movie and he is very optimistic about the success rate of this latest movie which has not yet been released commercially. However in an interview, Dileep has declared that his movie will hit the box office on 24th June commercially. There will be Vijay, Kalabhavan and Rambha in his movie ‘Filmstar’.

Filmstar will entice people who will be surprised to watch this film as it is packed with satire, comical elements and action. Filmstar will be a well known feature film. Meanwhile, Dileep is busy of attending functions and conferences to increase awareness about the upcoming film this month.

Every actor has been shortlisted after proper screening. The director of the movie is anticipating the grand finale in this regard. A well known film critic has told reporters that this movie will certainly bring more prizes and accolades.

Megastar Mammootty- Pleased to Felicitate Salimkumar for Best Actor Award

Megastar Mammootty is famous for doing even handed assessment. He has already tendered his best compliments to his co-actor and mate Salimkumar. In a news brief, Mammootty has strongly supported the nomination of the name of this superstar for getting the best actor award for the outstanding performance in Mollywood.

According to Mammootty, there are a number of celebrities coming from colleges and universities in South India have successfully hit their names in silver screen in Mollywood. It is very nice to listen that Salimkumar has been selected to win the prize.

Salimkumar studied in Maharajas college long back. Now he is matured. His rapport with the rest of the Mollywood film industry is excellent. He has tried hard to reach the acme of success. However at the same time he has also admitted that but for seniors like well known principal of Maharajas College, his ambition and dream might have been lost halfway through his journey in this silver screen industry.

Nothing can be said accurately to what extent this actor is planning further for brining more prestigious accolades and citations. However, it is true that his well determination and hard working mentality have guided him to climb up the ladder of achievement and success.

Brahmaputra Dispute Has Turned Caustic as India As the Chinese Decision is not Satisfactory

In a Chinese national vernacular, top brass of higher authority of China has clarified their stand regarding Brahmaputra dispute with India. In an official declaration, one of the representatives of Chinese government has stated clearly that China is under compulsion to channelize water from the upper reaches of the river to other parts of the country to overtake water scarcity.

However, Indian government is not satisfied with the answer backfired by Chinese experts. The fact is that Brahmaputra supplies water to India and its neighboring countries like Bangladesh. River water is used to generate electricity. Brahmaputra is therefore equally important to India. On the other hand, Beijing government has finalized a deal which amounts to $1.2 billion for the production of hydroelectric power generator to serve the purpose. Yarlung Tsangpo is the other name of Brahmaputra in China. Now the problem is complicated with the decision taken by Chinese authority. In an official brief, Indian top brass has told reporters that due to the establishment of new hydroelectric power station on Yarlung Tsangpo, the outer reaches of Brahmaputra will be affected. Water should not be diverted drastically and randomly. It will create problem for India during lean days. Bangladesh will also be under risk of water shortage.

China has expressed its standpoint in this regard. However, if the water shifting program is finalized, it is still under the coverage to what extent India will accept this type of Chinese resolution. However few critics claim that it can dampen the enrichment of diplomatic relationship between two Asian countries.

Ramya Proved Her Mettle How Deep Her Love for Raphael

Ramya a.k.a. Divya Spandana has done a wonderful job. She is now sewing a cobweb of romantic fantasy about her Swiss romantic boy named Raphael. However, much ado about nothing, as it has become a funny event for her to make her more sophisticated and presentable to star dome. However, there is another scoop for the day. Her fans are anticipating something spicy and juicy in her relationship with this Swiss magnet.

The news has come out of the bag that Kanada hot girl has embossed a beautiful tattoo on the nape of her neck. It is a token of love. The theme of the tattoo is based on name of Raphael. How brave and fortunate this Swiss genius is. Oh my goodness! The next episode is more charming. Though it seems little bit odd to sound but the simple fact is that Ramya can lock her life with Raphael for enjoying beautiful evenings and nights after nuptial ceremony.

Let the butter sit on the brown bread. Maybe next daylight will be more challenging for these two young souls to face a new life as her admirers are waiting very anxiously about the outcome of the 100 percent love scene of Ramya. She and Raphael watched the movie together and they have planned to spend some splendid moments joyously and more delightfully.

Just another movie for Mammooty

The King and The Commissioner, the movie which was scheduled to be shot from June 13 onwards is creating buzz everywhere. The Malayalam Superstar – Mammooty who does not seem to be too excited for the movie. He takes this project as just another project and gives equal importance to all his films.

Mammooty is back from his long vacation from Europe and United States last to last week and he has taken part in the shooting of The King and the Commissioner. But looks like he’s not at all excited for the movie as he considers himself to be a professional and that every movie he works in is a priority for him and that this movie is not close to his heart. He is neither excited nor apprehensive. He likes doing his job and that is what matters for him.

The movie and the title has been coined from two super hit films like The King and the Commissioner. Mammooty says that in the earlier movie he played the role of a collector and now the same character has moved to the city of Delhi and he is holding a high post. For Mammooty, it is just another movie.